Monday, June 18, 2012

Vinylmation Shaped Crayons

Newly listed VINLYMATION CRAYONS! I made these recently and have listed them in one of my Etsy shops

I will be making many more soon!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Goliath From Gargoyles Custom Vinylmation

I recently finished this custom three inch vinylmation as a birthday gift for someone rather special. 

I used a toy dragon (shown in some of the pictures) in order go get the parts for the wings, horns, and tail. I did smooth out the tail so that it would match Goliath's. He also has actual fuzzy long hair. This is the first vinyl I have tried to put shading on (the clouds, the folds of his loincloth, face and arms).  I honestly have no idea how long he took me to create but I know it was definitely over 20 hours.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Merlin and Bolt Nine Inch Designs Animation Series 1

Merlin (The Sword and the Stone):

Very cute design! I love the look on his face and how his nose lines up perfectly (or almost perfectly) with Mickey's nose. The cuffs on his robe also end perfectly with the cuffs of Mickey's gloves. I also love the magic dust across his ears!


Kinda cute. Again, I do like that his nose matches up with Mickey's nose. It also appears that is collar has an accessory: the dog tag appears to be a separate piece. Since I have not seen one in real life yet, I assume that he has the bolt on his side. It would be kinda silly for him not to. Ok, beyond kinda silly...

Over all I like these designs, especially Merlin...hmm.. and when is the next pay day?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Disney World Vinylmation Displays

I was just recently in Disney World and I figured that those of you who have never been to WDW and love Vinylmation would like to see a few of the store displays! 

Villains in Vogue Window Display at Disney's Hollywood Studios: 

I love this display (sorry about the glare).

The gummy cupcakes at The Writer's Shop at DHS:

Not exactly a Vinylmation display but they do look just like the purple cupcake Mickey Vinyl.

The Vinylmation Bracelet at Mouse Gear in Epcot:

Top bracelet with an assortment charms of Vinylmation Jr.s from the first three series retailing at $75.00.

Vinylmation Displays at Mouse Gear in Epcot:

Blurry picture, but you get the idea...

The Huge Display at Mission Space, Epcot:

The Kiosk on the Left before Crossing over into World Showcase:

Pin Central, Downtown Disney:

The Art of Disney, DTD:

There were many more displays throughout Walt Disney World, these were just a few of them. Also, the merchandise shown in the pictures is not necessarily still there, I have no idea if one of these locations currently stocks the exact items or if they sold out.